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Tour Code: ALT0002/ 6.5 hours / Tokyo One Day Tour


Ramen is a world recognized cuisine category in itself these days. Don't you want to try authentic ramen that are popular among Tokyo locals? Ramen is a Japanese noodle dish that originated as Japanese-style Chinese food, it is served in a hot seasoned broth with noodles, sliced pork and condiments such as seaweeds, bamboo shoots and scallions.

In this tour, you will try two types of ramen bowls in popular shops handpicked by chauffeurs, one with a rich savory broth and the other with a light and subtle flavor broth. First, you will visit Tsukiji market to touch, feel and shop the ingredients commonly used in ramen broth, such as seaweeds and bonito flakes to name a few, and then try the first ramen bowl of the day, with a light and subtle flavor broth. After an satisfying meal, you will venture out to a shopping trip out to Kappabashi, a famous town for kitchen goods. After working up an appetite by shopping, it's time for the second bowl of ramen, this time with a rich savory broth! This full service gourmet ramen tour is a two-thumbs up!

Tour Details

6.5 Hours
Tokyo metropolitan area
Pick up & Drop off:
Your Hotel or Anywhere within Tokyo's 23 wards
Daily except Wednesdays, Sundays and Holidays
Ramen (Tour fare does not include meals)
English (Your chauffeur will guide you in English)


Your Chauffeur will pick you up at your hotel or anywhere within Tokyo's 23 wards.

  1. Visit Tsukiji market. (about 60min)
  2. Try the first ramen at Mendokoro Ginzasa. (about 60min)
  3. Visit Kappabashi, a famous town for kitchen goods and wholesale restaurant equipment stores. (about 60min)
  4. Visit Ameya Yokocho. (about 30min)
  5. Visit the second ramen at Ramen Musashi "bukotsu". (about 60min)

Your Chauffeur will drop off at your hotel or anywhere within Tokyo's 23 wards.

Highlights of This Tour

  • Tsukiji Market

    The 200-square meter area is packed with about 400 fish stores, greengrocers and restaurants, with energetic shopkeepers calling out from every side.

  • 2.Mendokoro Ginsasa

    Popular Choice:
    Shio Ramen 850 Yen (inc. tax)

    Served by a chef with 18 years of experience in Japanese traditional cuisine, this ramen presents a strong Japanese cooking influence, with its soup based on traditional Japanese ingredients such as seaweeds, anchovy and bonito along with a mix of chicken and pork broth for added depth.

  • Kappabashi Dougu Street

    Kappabashi Street (Kappabashi Dogugai) is a shopping street lined with several dozens of stores selling everything you need for restaurant operations except for fresh food, and it is the largest in Japan of its kind. You will find 170 specialized stores for dishes, pots, pans, cooking utensils, stoves, and much much more. You can walk around this street for hours on end, and never get bored because you will find items that you've never seen before on this street.

  • 4.Menya Musashi Bukotsu

    Popular Choice:
    Bukotsu Ramen 1100 Yen (inc. tax)

    Porkbone based broth, this place offers one richly concentrated pork/seafood broth Tsukemen, along with three different flavors of ramen; "white" representing savory lard mixed broth, "black" offering a flavor of squid ink in its broth, and "red" exploding with pizazz of shinjan which a spicy concoction of Asian mix sauce, all designed to add different umami to the soup. Pork slices are cut right in front of you, and added to the bowl... so delish!

  • Ameya Yokocho Market

    Ameya Yokocho is an open-air market, running alongside of the Yamanote Line in the Taito Ward of Tokyo. The name ameyayokocho comes from the shops in the area which sold candies ("ame") just after World War II. The market is home to many lively shops, which sells products ranging from fresh food and fish to clothing and time pieces.

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